Our Story

Driven to provide superior protection to the members of the fire service and are produ to have been doing so for over 25 years. As a vertically integrated manufacturer we are able to design, knit, cut and sew our products all at our facility in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. This gives us the ability to hone in our product and truly offer what we believe to be the best fire safety hoods on the market. The fact that fire departments, professionals and volunteers around the world choose Life Liners tells us we are headed in the right direction.

Quality, Protection, Fit

Our focus is on providing the highest quality fire hoods whichs includes our internal focus on attention to detail and how strongly we value premium craftsmanship. With these foundations we are able to innovate from the fibre up and can then focus on offering unbeatable comfort, protection and a more natural fit. As a part of Stanfield's Ltd. we have over 160 years of knit manufacturing experience and leverage that everyday in how we do business.

At the end of the day, you shouldn't have to worry about your PPE and that's why we do. We protect you, so you can protect them.